What really matters in life

I’ll tell you something that will really make every decision you make much easier.That will save you time and energy and even all the money.

Relationships is what really matters in life.

Not your achievements or cars or houses.I haven’t heard a story of someone dying who would say “bring me my diploma one last time before I die” or”let me have my pass book and I want to see how rich I’m gonna die”.

We are all caught up on believing that if I do this or If I have this then I will matter.Nope those will also be burried under your tombstome.But the memories you have with the ones you love will be remembered, treasured and affect how someone will live.

So be open to interruption if your child ask to play with you or your wife asks how was your day.Call your mom and just say everything just like how you talk to her senseless things back when you are a kid.See some long time friend and have a chit chat.Say sorry to someone you’ve offended.

And most of all ———is your relationship to Jesus is that deep?

Yes.You heard me right.

Of all the relationships you’ll have , a relationship with Jesus is the most significant relationship you will have.

I myself before I have a realtionship with Him thought  that it’s enough that I know Jesus and just say everything I want like a child reciting her wish list with Santa.

But it’s not suppose to be that way.

You have to talk to Jesus from the heart like how you talk to a dearest friend.Believe me you’ll not regret it .

And all your relationships will get stronger.Because Jesus loves relationships.You can prove that by looking at the cross or to a more detailed story read  gospels on the bible.

That’s all folks!


You can comment here  if you want to start a relationship with Jesus.You know we are kinda close.I am very willing to help you with that.


Your concerned stranger,

Kristine Karen




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