My number 1 fan

As I was seeing many celebrities on T.V,I marveled as the fans of these famous beings are willing to wait in the line just to get their shirt or notebooks signed by there favorite celebs.

And it seems that even their personal life like who are they dating ,as to where resto they eat, is so important to their fans.I imagine I’ll be like them.The celebrity of course hehehe.

Like the center of attention.

That every move or even my fart matters to them.

That everything (except a crime) I do will be appreciated.

Now I realize long before I see  the world,say my first “Mama” or write my own name on my notebook I have my number one fan.That everything(except crime) I do is appreciated.That He had a picture of me hanged on His wall .That someone was proud of me in every seems so little thing I do like picking up the trash or smiling at a stranger.

My number 1 fan

even if I don’t have 200 million hits on youtube or

even if I don’t have to tweet where I am now or

even if I don’t post the food that I am going to eat or

even if I am a nobody to someone

To Him I am a famous someone

that He boast to the whole heaven and earth

that He talks about to His angels.

I guess you know who’s my number one fan.And you know what He is also the president of your fans club.Yes, you! You heard it right.You have a fan too just like me.I guess were the same famous fellow in heaven.


Your co-star,

Kristine Karen