It’s a good thing salvation isn’t a raffle draw

During the past Christmas season, raffles on parties were always on the run.As my sister told me that she was a bit upset because she didn’t won the grocery raffle in their office I came to realize how God was so good to us that salvation was for everyone and not only the ‘raffle winners’ were given forgiveness and eternal life.

Could you just imagine how pathetic would that be of those names who haven’t been called winners in the raffle.I’m just thankful,Jesus died for all of us.Believe,Repent and continue to walk with Him in our daily lives.That’s it.We are saved because He just so loved us.Not because we are lovable.Not because we do things to earn it and not even we are the lucky winners of a raffle.


The real reason for Christmas

Is Jesus.

Not the gifts for you(it’s not even your birthday so its okay with or without it).Not the parties.Not the new gadgets or toys.Not even the food.

Jesus was the gift.The greatest,incomparable gift we could ever have.Imagine if we haven’t receive Jesus… we are all lost.Through him we can live a life in full not just here on Earth which is temporary but on heaven in eternity.

That alone is a wonderful fact not just a story why being thankful for the Father(God) and Son(Jesus) tandem is  one thing we can be ever thankful for even without the toys or gifts or food or parties.

Merry Christmas!

Kristine Karen

Life is not just…

about having all the money in the world .

about having a hundreds or thousands likes on facebook.

about having the latest gizmos.

about  selfies.

about receiving stuffs.

about watching t.v.

This is what I think what life is about:

making money and give

spending time with your love ones

having an adventure that is worth remembering when you’re old or better yet a story to tell your grand children

being truly happy from a genuine compliment of your husband

eating  sumptuous dinner with the family

deciding to be happy

The list will go on but the best for me is

knowing God

knowing Jesus

know thyself in the image of Jesus how? read the manual of life:Bible

the latter maybe hard to comprehend , but just a personal thought :God is the author of life wouldn’t it be easy to live according to what He says?

Your weird strange blogger,

Kristine Karen





How to please God?

This question is so simple.But the application is difficult.Easier said than done.You only choose YES or NO.So really how do we please GOD?

Here is the answer:

Obey His command.

One short sentence yet the implication is so big.So really what’s your answer?

If it is a YES, well you got to obey Him big time. As in all the time.All your life.You cannot say I’ll obey the other but the rest is not your thing.This is not a buffet my friend ,you got to obey it all.

I know ,I myself is having a hard time doing it.After all nobody is perfect.But that’s not an excuse.You know why?Because we now have Jesus.Through Jesus, God made it possible for us to change.The blood Jesus spilled cleanses us from our sin. Ohhh I really like the thought,the story of the cross.

So now we can change, how? By obeying His will.Same answer as to how to please God

But it’s hard.

Yes it is, but we are not alone.Jesus will help us.God will help us.Everyday we are under construction,we may go extreme pain on obeying those commands but it’s for our own good.Jesus himself suffered.But He was raised from death.

Okay I know if you first heard the story of the cross it’s too much to take.You might say I’m off the topic.I’m sorry I just can’t help it.God and Jesus unselfless love really moves me,on my personal thought is this: If God so loved me that He gave His son Jesus Christ (it’s John 3:16 by the way.)wouldn’t obeying His command will be our “act of love” to God and Jesus?

Not of fear because He is God or for us to break even.

Our act of LOVE.

Your strange friend,

Kristine Karen

What really matters in life

I’ll tell you something that will really make every decision you make much easier.That will save you time and energy and even all the money.

Relationships is what really matters in life.

Not your achievements or cars or houses.I haven’t heard a story of someone dying who would say “bring me my diploma one last time before I die” or”let me have my pass book and I want to see how rich I’m gonna die”.

We are all caught up on believing that if I do this or If I have this then I will matter.Nope those will also be burried under your tombstome.But the memories you have with the ones you love will be remembered, treasured and affect how someone will live.

So be open to interruption if your child ask to play with you or your wife asks how was your day.Call your mom and just say everything just like how you talk to her senseless things back when you are a kid.See some long time friend and have a chit chat.Say sorry to someone you’ve offended.

And most of all ———is your relationship to Jesus is that deep?

Yes.You heard me right.

Of all the relationships you’ll have , a relationship with Jesus is the most significant relationship you will have.

I myself before I have a realtionship with Him thought  that it’s enough that I know Jesus and just say everything I want like a child reciting her wish list with Santa.

But it’s not suppose to be that way.

You have to talk to Jesus from the heart like how you talk to a dearest friend.Believe me you’ll not regret it .

And all your relationships will get stronger.Because Jesus loves relationships.You can prove that by looking at the cross or to a more detailed story read  gospels on the bible.

That’s all folks!


You can comment here  if you want to start a relationship with Jesus.You know we are kinda close.I am very willing to help you with that.


Your concerned stranger,

Kristine Karen