How to please God?

This question is so simple.But the application is difficult.Easier said than done.You only choose YES or NO.So really how do we please GOD?

Here is the answer:

Obey His command.

One short sentence yet the implication is so big.So really what’s your answer?

If it is a YES, well you got to obey Him big time. As in all the time.All your life.You cannot say I’ll obey the other but the rest is not your thing.This is not a buffet my friend ,you got to obey it all.

I know ,I myself is having a hard time doing it.After all nobody is perfect.But that’s not an excuse.You know why?Because we now have Jesus.Through Jesus,¬†God made it possible for us to change.The blood Jesus spilled cleanses us from our sin. Ohhh I really like the thought,the story of the cross.

So now we can change, how? By obeying His will.Same answer as to how to please God

But it’s hard.

Yes it is, but we are not alone.Jesus will help us.God will help us.Everyday we are under construction,we may go extreme pain on obeying those commands but it’s for our own good.Jesus himself suffered.But He was raised from death.

Okay I know if you first heard the story of the cross it’s too much to take.You might say I’m off the topic.I’m sorry I just can’t help it.God and Jesus unselfless love really moves me,on my personal thought is this: If God so loved me that He gave His son Jesus Christ (it’s John 3:16 by the way.)wouldn’t obeying His command will be our “act of love” to God and Jesus?

Not of fear because He is God or for us to break even.

Our act of LOVE.

Your strange friend,

Kristine Karen