A strategy to finally forgive someone

Okay,I thought I was talking to myself here.I myself is struggling to forgive someone.It’s not that easy right?But as I was about to sleep last night after my prayers to God to give me strength to forgive,this went in my mind:

Imagine that person you cannot forgive will die tomorrow or today(sorry I know it was morbid).

Can you stand the regrets of not freeing yourself from the grudges?

Can you take  the  fact that the person died so sorry for what he have done to you and didn’t even know that you forgive him?

And lastly the most critical question that really made me have the big gulp:What if that person is your relative,a mother ,a father,wife,spouse,son,daughter or a sibling die without showing them that you love them?

The latter is I think most people who hurt us-our family.In a way they wronged us but that doesn’t change the fact that we share good laughs and memories and love to them.It is inevitable that they will  hurt us.

In the end you have to choose whom to love.

The sinner(the person who wronged you) or the sin(the wrong thing they did to you).

And this my friend what God did:

He chose to forgive.

To love the sinner and hate the sin.

Your “talking to herself” blogger,

Kristine Karen


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