What to do when you are angry

Being angry is one of my not so best mood.I want to share to you what I think can ease you to get through that emotion.You never what to say something that you will regret for life ,right?

1.Stop being angry.A no-brainer right?First things first. 90% of the time you know you are getting angry.You know why ? Because it’s you! You know your weakest angriest points so when the angry alert start beeping, its time to decide if you are going to continue it all the way.

2.Drink water.So effective,it can release tension and delay you saying words of hate immediately.It will also help you to analyze if it’s worth the effort to fight to that particular person.

3.Refocus.Okay I understand that water may not be available to the moment your veins started to sprout and your skin starts changing it’s color into green (google my description if you don’t get it)But… here’s the thing : refocus.What do I mean by this? Well it simply means think of other thoughts like your favorite place,food or your dream vacation anything from unicorn to powerpuff girls.Just don’t dwell on the thought that you are angry .

4.Get out of there now.If your imagination power in refocus don’t work for you ,well simply get out of the situation.If you are for example have a heated argument with a co- worker just go to the comfort room.Okay I know this can be a rude move but what is ruder than saying that awful word in front of him and other people?

Hope this post can help the world be a better place(sorry I’m so idealistic hehehe)If this list help you,congratulations! You help the world a to be  bettter place.One at a time huh.

Writing with sincerity,

Kristine Karen